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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Jon Corzine Saga Continues

Hang on to your seats – Matt Drudge has the scoop. Tick, Tock indeed.

We wrote in Janauary - Codey’s Out – New Jersey‘s Loss because even though we don’t agree with his positions on some major issues, we believe he is a decent and honest man. Involved in state politics for more than 30 years, Dick Codey has not been associated with the corruption and scandals that have constantly plagued Corzine in his mere five years in politics.

We want each political party to put up the best candidate for election – because one of them is going to win and have a major impact on our lives. But, Corzine muscled Codey out with his money and it has come to this:

A scandal breaks, Jon Corzine denies it and then the truth comes out. Has there been one allegation about Corzine that in the end hasn’t proven to be accurate? We can’t think of one.

According to Jon Corzine everyone’s a liar, including his ex-wife.

Charles Kushner, George Norcross, Carla Katz, blind trusts, senate ethics disclosures , special tax breaks, casino deals and on and on.

Confronted with documents, cancelled checks, Palmyra tapes, senate records and witnesses we are suppose to wipe these facts from our minds with the magic mantra – Bush-Rove.
"When I saw the campaign ad where Andrea Forrester said, 'Doug never let his family down and he won't let New Jersey down,' all I could think was that Jon did let his family down, and he'll probably let New Jersey down, too," Ms. Corzine said.
There is no probability about it Mrs. Corzine – he already has.


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enlighten said...

No, we thought we'd let you carry the scoop. Funny that no one involved in the Forrester rumor has come forward to corroborate it. Seems to us Joanne Corzine has confirmed what is well known, and we are not talking about the affair with Carl Katz. We are talking about Corzine's corruption:

So now you link to uncorroborated rumors, but it's ok, because it's not about your guy. And interestingly, Matt Drudge says nothing about Corzine's corruption. It's all a rumor about an affair, but again, you'll carry water for anyone, even if it means setting a double standard for yourself.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Sharon GR said...

The Drudge report states unsubstantiated, denied rumors of infidelity by both candidates. BOTH. Both are equally unimportant to how well the candidate would be governor. But- you'll push the Corzine rumors as a big scandal and ignore the Forrester rumors.

I don't feel enlightened by reading that- I feel dizzy, as if you're working too hard to spin.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

Did you read what Mrs. Corzine said about Corzine's political deals and have you been paying attention to the news the last 4 or 5 years?

Somehow I'll bet you don't believe the story about Forrester, but the story about Corzine and the staffer rings true to you, too. And the reason, this follows a familiar behavior pattern. Corzine tells one whopper after the other. Gets caught and then tries to blame someone else.

He’s willing to do or say whatever necessary to get what he wants and has come to rely on his money to buy his way into out of any situation. He praised McGreevey and didn’t stand up to his corruption and now claims he only said nice things about the former Governor because he thought it was good politically. Corzine claims he has a plan to add 750,000 people to the state’s insurance rolls for $15 million. Come on, that’s not putting the best spin on something – it’s total bunk.

We don’t really want to hear the details about this latest scandal. Do you? If your looking for details check the NYT, NJN and the rest. It’s gone far enough for us. Th etype of corroboration you're looking for would only drag some poor young woman into the spotlight.

But this stuff taken together paints a picture of a man we would prefer weren’t governor. Do you trust him to follow through on what he’s promised? Or is he just saying what he thinks his backers want to hear? Think about it.

At 6:14 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...


"BOTH. Both are equally unimportant to how well the candidate would be governor."

We believe trustworthiness and good judgment are important traits in a leader. It isn’t just this one incident. No one is perfect and we have all made mistakes – personal and otherwise. But, look at the last straw that caused Corzine to be fired from Goldman Sachs – he went behind the backs of his partners to get something he wanted. This isn’t our “spin” these are the facts.

This say anything, do anything and spend whatever it takes runs from his personal life, to his business life, to his political life. That’s our opinion, one that’s shared by the woman that lived it. Of course you can just dismiss Mrs. Corzine as bitter and a liar. That’s what Jon Corzine wants you to believe.

Should Corzine win the election, we hope he doesn’t’ let you down Sharon. He’s got nowhere but up to go with us.

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a NYer who wishes sooo bad I could vote in Jersey elections because I love how Corzine has gone blow-for-blow with Forrester and exposed him as a typical GOP dirtbag. And if his wife wanted to do damge control she should hav disputed him getting the no-bid contracts, being sued for fraud and pocketing rebates. That's really what makes him look bad.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...


Lucky you, you get to vote for the Republican Mike Bloomberg for Mayor.

At 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Glad you can't vote in NJ. We already have more than enough dumbshits in the state.

At 7:23 AM, Anonymous George W. Bush said...

Doug - I love your blog! Its awesome that no one will ever know its you because its anonymous!

Good thinking, I think the people of NJ are too stupid to see through it too. I'm thinking of setting one up myself...

At 7:25 AM, Anonymous fromer said...

Glad to see the national GOP infection has firmly rooted itself in NJ politics: offer no substance, spread rumor and innuendo, then bemoan the lack of ethics from the other guy.

What a wonderful contribution you are making to the public discourse.

Oh well, just wait till the HUGE news breaks this evening regarding good ole Doug's business dealing, no-bid contracts, and...well, you'll just have to "stay tuned" for the "and"...but it's HUGE, HUGE I tell you! NYT, StarLedger, Time Magazine, Pravda, the Martian Daily BSer, and my Aunt Nancy's refridgerator Door will all be cover this TREMENDOUS POLITICAL SCANDAL this evening. What a BLOW for the the Forrester campaign.

Republicans might as well stay home tomorrow, this news is gonna devestate the Forrester campaign.

Wow. That's surprisingly easy to do. I guess you guys ARE just monkeys hitting away at the keyboard.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger NJ-Excellent said...

Actually, I believe you believe the stuff you spew here...but not everyone is so gullible.

You Republicans keep dredging up infidelity stories as if it has never happened on "your" side. Why do you all keep looking for sleaze like that when it is none of your business? And please, don't tell me that it is an indication of character. Bush never had an affair, but he is responsible for many deaths.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Max said...

"A scandal breaks, Jon Corzine denies it and then the truth comes out."

What a joke. A rumor from the confirmed liar Matt Drudge passed along by an anonymous coward.

Max Sawicky
Rutgers Class of '71

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Media In Trouble said...


You have yet to produce a video tape alleging some sort of Cligulaesque Corzine orgy party that somehow paints him poorly with african americans.

Please do so.

For those of you just stopping by, I have had more success at producing this video tape than has Enlighten NJ.

And I don't even have the inside connections that he does.


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