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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Corzine’s One Promise

From WCBS News: Corzine Vows He'll Be Honest if Elected

"I promise you one thing, I'll be honest when I sit in that governor's chair,'' Corzine said in his speech to Democrats in Essex County.
Why do we have to wait until after the election for everything?

Today, we learn we have to wait until Corzine is elected Governor for him to be honest.

Monday we learned we had to wait until after Corzine’s election for the Democrats to trim billions in waste from New Jersey’s budget.

We’ve always been a bit suspicious of people that feel the need to promise you that they’ll be honest. Obviously Corzine thinks his honesty is open to question. How else to explain his one promise before the party faithful – I’ll be honest when…?

How about Corzine being honest now and how about cutting those billions of waste in New Jersey’s state government now – why wait?


At 7:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why wait indeed...because he has a Democrat majority in this state he thinks he can blow smoke up our collective asses with impunity...and maybe he can considering voter registration statistics.

At 8:49 AM, Blogger The One True Tami said...

Once again, I feel the need to call you out on tone. Saying that you will be honest if elected is not the same thing as saying that you're not going to be honest until then. Do you accuse Corzine of this because it's what you expect of political candidates? Is this based on experience? I'm listening to everything you people are saying about costs and plans, but I find this painting Corzine as "the bad guy" tries my patience.

At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Errr...ahem......yeah....ok...lets see.....where do I begin:

Being "Honest" would be:

Doing a complete disclosure of his finances;
Coming clean about how much he knew about laddering and other schemes to defraud stockholders during his tenure at Goldman Sachs including the extent of business conducted in Somalia;
Repudiating and coming clean about his relationships with Norcross, Torricelli and a recently jailed business associate who (ahem)evidently liked to tape hookers having sex with relatives (kinky);
Asking the Attorney General to release the undercover tapes the AG is holding hostage;
Allowing others to run in his party's primary rather than buying votes so policy issues could be debated and voters be given a choice (not that Forrester is any different in his own meager way);
Repudiating the football and hockey stadium deals as basically screwing the NJ taxpayer;
Coming clean as to the actual cost of his healthcare program;
Admitting that his own party which is in power does not have to will to pass effect pay-to-play and tax reform (again, not that the Republicans are any different);
Being honest by admitting that he does not intent to be perfectly honest (whatever that means) prior to and during his tenure as governor;
Stops blowing smoke up our asses as that "tries our patience"

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Enlighten said...

Tami - When we came across the headline, "Corzine Vows He'll Be Honest If Elected", it made us laugh - think of Jay Leno reading the headline and then making a joke.

When we read the quote that caused WCBS to write the headline - "I'll promise you one thing, I'll be honest when..." - we found Corzine’s promise to be an odd one for an honest man to make to his own party members. Now be honest, don't you?

Corzine’s remark took us back to his $15 million statement for Corzine Care and his asking us to wait until after the election to learn how to cut billions out of the state budget. If he really cared about our state, wouldn’t he tell the Democrats in Trenton how to go about that now, as they struggle to put together a balanced budget?

If you knew something that would help your friends and neighbors, wouldn’t you tell them now? Would you make them wait? Would you make them wait until after they gave you something you wanted? We don’t know you, but from reading your blog, we believe you’re far too caring of a person to do something like that.

Tami, we believe the only reason Corzine put out that low $15 million number was to mislead voters. Not everyone pays attention like you and understands the program will cost billions, that the $15 million is not the total cost. Why do you think Corzine put out that number? If it’s not an “honest” estimate of the real total cost, why did he do it?

We think he did it because he beleives people will hear the number and be fooled. If Corzine was more forthcoming with the actual total cost, voters may not believe they or the state can afford this major program.

We don’t think it’s right for any politician to mislead the public, regardless of party. You’re new to reading our blog, so you may not have read us taking Republican to task when they attempt to mislead with “bumper sticker” solutions to problems.

Of course we have gone after the Democrats more on these pages because, it is the Democrats that control the Governorship, the state Senate, the state Assembly, have both U.S. Senate seats and have the majority of U.S. house seats representing our state.

If we don’t like what’s happening in New Jersey and we don’t, we have to take those in power to task. In New Jersey that happens to be the Democrats. If Republicans were in power, we’d be taking them to task.

Anyway, think of Jay Leno reading this post to his audience - that's our tone in this piece. Now consider the tone of Howard Dean, Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi when they speak of Republicans and tell us we have a “tone” problem.

At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said.....

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