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 and a people who mean to be their own governors

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Tell Corzine No Tax Increases - Cut Spending

The Courier Post recently conducted a survey on how Gov. Jon Corzine should balance the state budget. The number one choice was “cut government jobs and benefits”, favored by two thirds of the voters. The second highest vote getter was “cut services”.

The choice Governor Corzine seems to be leaning toward, “increase taxes and spending”, is not an option favored by the people of New Jersey, at least not taxpayers reading the Courier Post.

The Newspaper reminds citizens there is something they can do to convince Corzine to get his priorities in sync with theirs – “call, e-mail or write to his office and tell him significant cuts to government jobs and government employee benefits must happen before any tax increase is even discussed.”

We suggest taxpayers follow the Courier Post’s advice. “Now is the time for as many voters as possible to remind Corzine that he works for them.”

Remind him that he has acknowledged New Jersey's government is bloated and he promised to do something about it.

It will be difficult for Corzine to target government workers, but if he and other Democrats are reminded of the cost of targeting taxpayers, perhaps they can be convinced to do the right thing.
“There's almost nothing as influential in politics as a ground swell of ordinary residents demanding action from an elected representative.” Join the ground swell, here’s Governor Corzine’s contact information:

Telephone: 609-292-6000
Email: Link to email submission form
Address: Office of the Governor - PO Box 001- Trenton, NJ 08625


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

On Thursday, Corzine stated that state government was about the same size as it was in the 1970s. I took this comment to indicate that the governor is indicating that the size of government is not the issue.

Having said that, I have advocated that we seriously cut services. Not only school funding, but other areas across the board. Perhaps it will only be temporary to right the ship. Or, it could be permanent in order to downsize forever.

Perhaps the state is trying to take on services it cannot effectively provide. Now, that is a conversation worth having!

Not we should try to do everything, but rather, we are not capable of providing services in this area or that area, therefore, we are not going to do a half-assed effort trying to do so.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Ken Adams said...


Cutting services is fine and dandy, but don't let the government pretend that redistribution of wealth is a "service." It is simply an extortion from the haves so that politicians can give it to the too-damn-lazy-to-go-gets, who also happen to be voters. (Enlighten normally refers to these two groups as tax payers and tax receivers.)

My personal belief is that if it isn't in the Constitution, we shouldn't be doing it. I can't find any reference, for example, to providing medical insurance to those who can't or don't want to buy it themselves -- a perfect candidate for a non-starter program.

At 9:52 AM, Blogger Media In Trouble said...


Your visions for the future of this country are unbelievable.

Cut School funding? Really?
How do you porpose we compete with the likes of China and India?

How do you propose we deal with the exportation of labor?

As for the tax payers and tax recievers, why don't you show up to some of the schools in Newark, NJ.

Let me know that you want to cut the funding to those schools.

Nice to know that a visit to Enlighten still gets the blood boiling by introducing me to some real dimwitted ideas.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Sluggo said...

Dear MIT,

It's the conflation of educational spending with school quality that is running many communities onto the rocks and creating a taxpayer revolt. Go back any number of years and you'll find per student spending far outdistancing inflation and the results showing a steady decline. At some point it has to occur to you that more money isn't the answer. Most countries and many districts in this country provide superior education for far less than we're spending in Newark.

At 4:17 PM, Blogger njgalaxie73 said...

For Your Information MIT, I know for a fact that Newark Schools get more money every year than they know what to do with.

I know a Newark School Public
Adminisrator and he told me more than once that they get tons of money every year and need to find things to spend it on before it dries up for the year. Usually it gets spent on clothes with the school name plastered all over it.

It's misuse of overbloated funding that helps cause the budget problems New Jersey is having.

As an honest conservative MIT, I have said for a long time on this blog that it has not just been Democrats but Republicans as well who have doubled spending and wasted money. Both sides have taken a throw money around approach to fix things in this state and it's coming back to bite us.

New Jersey has given millions upon millions of dollars to Abbotts every year for years and it's not going to help these children improve their test scores or their quality of education unless it's put to the proper use. I think we would all be very pleasantly surprised by how much money would be left over if that were case.

Corzine and the legislature need to cut the BS, stop the spinning and do what needs to be done. Having services cut may be an inconvenience at times but the people have spoken and they've made it abundantly clear that this is what they want. It's time for Corzine to listen to the people that put him in power.


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