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Monday, August 07, 2006

"Solving" New Jersey’s Problems Though Spending And Tax Increases

As we all know, the state of New Jersey is broke and has the highest property taxes in the nation. Democrats just can’t seem to put their finger on how or why this happened, but their solution is to spend more money and raise taxes.

Governor Jon Corzine, fresh from his victory of increasing the state’s budget by 9.2 percent and taxes by $2 billion dollars, has decided to keep a campaign promise. He wants New Jersey to adopt a program that "approaches universal health care." This means, according to Corzine, providing medical insurance to an additional 766,000 New Jerseyans at a cost to state taxpayers of $15 million. No one questions how this is possible when the state covered about the same number of people under Medicaid for $8 billion dollars in 2004.

New Jersey is a state where its wealthiest community pays $12,464 to educate a public school child and one of the neediest spends $18,893 per student. This is called leveling the school funding playing field in the Garden State. To solve the state’s property tax crisis, Democrats are studying ways to reduce municipal and school costs in the more cost efficient communities and to raise taxes on those already paying the lion’s share of government and school costs in the state.

New Jersey is also a state where public employees now earn an average of 40 percent more than private sector workers. Spiraling costs for state and local public employees are major causes of the relentless increases in state and property tax over the past twenty years. Democrats have decided to look into this problem and have formed a legislative committee to find a solution.

Four of the six legislators chosen for the committee are Democrats who were apparently selected for the number of government jobs each holds simultaneously, while being completely baffled about the basics of state benefit programs. "I don't even know how it works,” and “I guess I'll soon find out," said two of the panelists representing Democrats.

Now comes the news that good paying jobs and taxpayers are fleeing New Jersey. "Demographers have noted that the state recently experienced an uptick in "outmigration," which is when the number of people leaving the state exceeds the number moving in.” Democrats just can’t seem to put their finger on how or why this happening, but their solution is to spend more money and raise taxes.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Paul said...

This is NJ Math. Will the last person to leave NJ please turn the lights out. Oh Wait! The power has already been turned off by the barely regulated power company because we had no cash left after paying the property taxes, car insurance, sales tax.....

At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be careful in your assesment that state workers make 40% more then their private sector counterparts. While this MAY be true in some areas it is not in most cases. As a manager of information technolgy for a state agency, my salary has not gone up one tick in the past 5 years while the cost of living in this state (my property taxes have gone from 3500 to 7000 in the same 5 year period) constantly increases. I do not receive COL or union increments as manager titles are exempt from those. In some cases union rank and file make more then the managers to whom they report.
My solution, we (family and I) are moving to Pennsylvania.

At 7:34 AM, Blogger Dino P. Crocetti said...

Trenton Democrats have made such a big deal out of soaking the rich in order to balance the budget for years now. What more proof do they need that it will never work?

Democrats convince voters that raising taxes on the wealthiest taxpayers will ease the tax burden on the middle class over and over. Then when taxes get raised, the wealthy taxpayers, especially those nearing retirement age move their tax brackets to a state where they pay no state income tax. When they leave, guess who's left to flip the bill? You guessed it! THE MIDDLE CLASS!

This socialst mentality of evening the playing field by penalizing wealth does not work in a country with a capitalist market, period! It's like trying to fit a square peg into a cylinder.

Yet, despite being one of the only states in the union besides the hurricane ravaged states in the gulf to have a FY deficit, our state legislators haven't figured this out yet.

Boy, we really vote with our heads in this state don't we?

At 10:39 AM, Blogger KingDrudge said...

Dont blame me, I didnt vote for Corzine The Wall St. Wizard. NJ is bleeding population like Zarqawi in the airstrike that killed him. Young people like myself (22) who are looking to save up to buy a home once we graduate college are not going to be able to stay in NJ cause with such a cost of living, after all the bills are paid there will never be any money left.


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