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Friday, April 21, 2006

What Do They Have On Corzine?

The Philadelphia Inquirer says New Jersey has the most powerful Governor position in the country, but you wouldn't know it by Governor Jon Corzine.

In his inaugural address, Corzine vowed to fight corruption and rebuked lawmakers for neglecting their fiscal duties. But when Bryant and Sen. Sharpe James (D., Newark) cried foul, Corzine backed down the next day and essentially apologized for being too harsh.

Corzine's meekness was on full display in his mystifying vote of confidence for State Sen. Wayne Bryant (D., Camden). Bryant is reportedly under investigation by federal authorities for allegations concerning his former cushy, $38,200-a-year consulting job at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. While on the payroll for doing goodness-only-knows at the school, Bryant also secured millions in state funds for UMDNJ. He's chairman of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

That porky arrangement was in perfect keeping with Bryant's view of state government. Over the years, he has enriched himself and several members of his family at the trough of taxpayer-funded jobs and contracts.

The federal probe has prompted Republican calls for Bryant to give up his powerful chairmanship. Corzine at first trod where he need not have, saying that forcing out Bryant was "premature," and that accusations are not proof of wrongdoing. Apparently that wasn't good enough for Bryant, because Corzine soon issued a follow-up statement expressing confidence in Bryant's "leadership," and "respect" for the senator.

It was an unseemly act of kissing up, especially after Bryant had declared the governor's proposed budget dead on arrival. "This is not the budget I will be voting on June 30," Bryant huffed.
Unusual behavior wouldn’t you say? Why the need to kiss up to politicians best known for taking advantage of taxpayers and so far, just one step ahead of the law? Do you suppose Sharpe James and Wayne Bryant have something on Corzine? Let’s see, what could it be? Hmm, we did receive that email.


At 1:39 AM, Anonymous Jim - PRS said...

Pretty funny. Blue Jersey refers to the Barista as a "legal blog" that leans to the right.

Of course, it is neither.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Media In Trouble said...

Jeebus f'in ceeeristah

the bloody f'in tape

the one thing that shot down whatever miniscule credibility this blog ever could have had the potential of having.


look dude, politics doesn't need to have some sort of background blackmailing conspiracy theory.

who the fuck knows why corzine is unable to piss on these corrupt bastards.

Don't you think that it has more to do with the political machines they both head up? The kind they can mobilize at will to either support or shit upon whatever policy initiative the Governor puts out?


At 9:39 AM, Blogger taxmaxed said...

Hey Media -- What ever happened to that Downing Street memo?

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous njcons said...

I'm actually more of the mind that he is just a weak man. When I heard that he worked in his car, parked outside of Goldman, during the time he was under pressure to quit, I was convinced that he was one of those passive aggressive tyoes that couldn't stand up to direct confrontation. And if your afraid of direct confrontation James and Bryant are going to eat your lunch, supper, snack and probablly have your girlfriend too.

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Produce the tape or shut up about it.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

Now let's be sensible. Why would we have a video of Corzine partying? More likely one of his former friends or a family member has the video, if it exists. Someone that wanted to expose Corzine for who he truly is rather than the media imagine he’s purchased. Perhaps the person had cold feet, was frightened or bought off. Maybe it never existed, but such a tape would explain Corzine’s bizarre behavior.

New Jersey Conservative has a point. Corzine is probably a very weak person, but that doesn’t explain why he publicly backed Wayne Bryant when he could have stayed silent until after all the facts were known. Instead, he backed Bryant to the hilt. Why? Bryant wasn’t backing Corzine on his budget proposal and getting Bryant to step down may have actually helped his cause. Instead, Corzine chose to express confidence in Bryant's "leadership," and "respect" for the senator.

Remember the source that sent the email about the tape also tipped us off in advance to Mrs. Corzine's story. You might remember reading what Mrs. Corzine had to say about her former husband. You know, how Corzine lied about not having an affair with Carla Katz before the breakup of their marriage. How Corzine “was very Machiavellian in what he wanted” and how he gave millions of dollars to people "buy their loyalty". How Corzine was not who he pretended to be -“he's mastered a disguise.". You know, stuff like that.

Our tipster sure seemed to know what was going on behind the scenes with Corzine – the big bucks to Carla Katz – and all before the media reports. Then there was Wally Edge who wrote after Mrs. Corzine’s story came out:” Speculation among political insiders that there was something out there that could hurt Corzine's chances has not materialized. “So the tape never materialized, but some mighty odd behavior on Corzine’s part certainly has. At least if there were a tape he'd have an excuse, otherwise he's just acting crazy.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Ken Adams said...

This actually kinda fun, watching people sputter, spit, and scream every time the subject of "the tape" comes up. It's almost like turning on a bug light, so you can sit on the porch and watch the zapper do its thing on a hot summer night.
I almost hope "the tape" never surfaces, because then the value of trotting its possible existence out would be lost.

At 8:14 PM, Blogger Ken Adams said...

Hey E,

Think you'll be able to survive without ever getting another link from Blue Jersey? It appears you've been banned.

At 12:15 PM, Blogger njgalaxie73 said...

WOW!! Was that a nervous breakdown from MIT!!? Is MIT admitting that Corzine is memely a pawn of the Democratic party bosses who get him elected and has no real say over how money is allocated and/or spent throughout the state? I never thought I'd see the day! I....I think I'm gonna cry!:-)

At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

FYI, Steve Hart blogging on Blue Jersey brought up the subject of the tape as you can see by clicking the link in this post.

Steve and his pals bring it up on a regular basis - we just thought it would be helpful if we put the tape into context.

Many of the bloggers on Blue Jersey are in pretty tight with Democrat politicians, so we figure there must be something to the video tip we received or they wouldn't continually bring it up. In any event they enjoy talking about the tape, so why should they be the only ones having fun with the topic?

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Media In Trouble said...

jeebus christ man
live with it. you broke the "tape" story way back during the election.

Steve just reminds folks that you spent the last few weeks of the election proporting its existence.

As for the rest of the Bluejersey bloggers we hardly ever surface any of your wankery. We are far to enlightened to give you any sort of legitimacy.

As for the bloggers in tight with the Democratic party and its members, that does not include me.

If there was something to any video tape why would we bring it up rather than squash it?
You are the one who linked to your tape story in this post. So since you have yet to produce said tape. Perhaps you should not, you know, bring it up.

The fact that you brought it up is what resulted in my making you our first Wanker of the day.

And your comment above would actually qualify you for yet another one of those wonderful awards.

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Steven Hart said...

Actually, Mysterious E, I also made jokes about it at your expense during the last blogger carnival I hosted. I'll probably make more jokes about it in the future, purely as idle amusement.

Everybody here knows we'll be seeing Pamela Anderson water-skiing behind the Loch Ness Monster before you ever produce that videotape. The story was and is a lie, and EnlightenNJ was and is a disseminator of lies. You should stick to weak-tea GOP spin and leave the Karl Rove stuff to the pros. You don't have the knack for it.

That carnival button is cute, though.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

Steve -Yes, we noticed you included "the tape" in your Carnival post and fully expected you would bring it up again, “purely as idle amusement”. Of course from our stand point you bring it up at the expense of Governor Corzine. Look at the trouble he had to go to surprise Sharpe James, tape rolling, at their latest meeting to look tough on the guy. Imagine what those two must have on each other – produces a nice, safe mutually assured destruction standoff, doesn’t it?

Now on to who is a liar. What everyone here knows, and you don't seem to be able to grasp or prefer to lie about, is that we never said we had a copy of the tape. We never claimed to have seen the tape. So why do you pretend we have said otherwise? We have always assumed you believed the truth of the matter was boring and felt the need to sex it up in your stories. Just one of the writing techniques you employ, similar to your use of name calling and profanity to make your points rather than relying on facts. That’s why you never link to the actual post about the tape, right? It would kill your story line.

Regardless of your motive, most people seem to enjoy the back and forth on the “tape scandal” and we appreciate your reminders about the “Corzine leaks" - somebody’s probably out there squirming every time you bring it up and ain’t us.

As to whether we have a knack, perhaps it’s time for us to write a follow-up post and expose the real genius in this whole story. Someone never received the credit they richly deserve and that should be corrected.

As for the Carnival button, it is cute. Suzette came up with Tillie idea and Jeff Faria created the graphic.


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