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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Jon Corzine On The Issues

The primary is over and Jon Corzine has a new theme and website for his Corzine for Governor of New Jersey campaign. Gone are Join Us New Jersey, Who Jon Is, New Paradigm for New Jersey and Economic Blueprint. Now Senator Corzine offers us:

A More Affordable New Jersey

Not a good start. Here Mr. Corzine offers absolutely no plans or ideas for making New Jersey more affordable. (See actual picture from Corzine’s website below). Notice there's nothing but white space. Well, it does make a catchy campaign promise. And it is a nice picture of Corzine in a “do-it-yourself” store. Hmm, wonder if that’s a hint?

Corzine Affordable

We’ll give the Senator a few ideas so that he can fill in this blank page. Vote to make President Bush’s federal income tax cuts permanent so that New Jersey residents have more of their own money to better afford life in our high cost–of-living state; reduce state spending and cap increases to the state’s budget to reduce the burden of state taxes on New Jersey’s citizens; propose an amendment to the state’s constitution that would require equal distribution of state funds to municipalities to bring about real property tax reductions.

Update: The Senator has now added text to this section. When we have time to review it, we'll let you know if there's really any change or if empty space has been replaced by empty rhetoric.

A Smarter New Jersey

Corzine begins his “smarter section” with these words; “Our state has all the assets it needs to put New Jersey on top.” What a relief, the state doesn’t need to spend any additional money, right? Wrong.

The Senator informs us we need to make smart investments through the “Edison Innovation Fund”. The new fund will “get its dollars from a public bond offering.” A former bond trader with Goldman Sachs, Corzine knows a thing a two about financing debt. Just what New Jersey needs - more debt!

Next we learn we also need to invest in institutions of learning. Here Corzine provides his staff with some direction, in essence he says – insert some BS here. (See actual picture from Corzine’s website below)

Corzine Smater

Anyway, the Senator would like us to spend more money on state universities for research that can then be “transferred to in-state firms.” How Corzine can keep research from escaping to out-of-state firms, we can’t imagine. How about we let companies pay for their own research?

Update: Someone's being reading our blog. The insert some BS here line has been removed. Apparently he couldn’t think of any more BS because nothing has been added.

A Prouder New Jersey

In this section Corzine gives us ending the ‘Corruption Tax’: ”In addition to being a source of embarrassment for the state, the fact is that the residents of New Jersey pay for the misdeeds of government decision-makers by paying in effect, a “corruption tax.””

Has anyone else noticed:

Acting Governor Codey, a loyal Democrat, has been in the state Legislature since 1973 and yet, as far as we know, he hasn’t been tarnished by scandal or been closely associated with the big names in New Jersey’s corruption and financial mismanagement scandals?

Senator Corzine on the other hand, in politics for five years, has hired, partnered with and lavishly financed the major “sources of embracement for the state” - Secretary of State, Regena Thomas, former Sen. Bob Torricelli, former Gov. Jim McGreevey, the felon Charles Kushner and South Jersey boss George Norcross, just to name a few.

A Safer New Jersey

“The most basic charge of any Governor is to secure and protect the people.” Corzine’s is taking this responsibility very seriously; he has his uniform all ready to go for his new job. (See actual picture from Corzine’s website below)

Corzine Safer

A Greener New Jersey

We prefer Forrester's green to Corzine’s, how about you? (See actual picture from Corzine’s website below) For readers living outside the Garden State, Corzine’s picture may give you the wrong impression. Our woods and forests are not barren and we are not in the middle of a nuclear winter or a global warming catastrophe.

Corzine Green

A Healthier New Jersey

Corzine tells us: “But despite New Jersey’s reputation as the “Cure Corridor,” a place where medical and pharmaceutical breakthroughs begin, literally hundreds of thousands of our residents don’t have even adequate medical care, because health care is unaffordable and unavailable.”

We’ve posted about Corzine Care before and questioned the Senator’s claim that $15 million dollars in state money can take care of the medical insurance needs of “literally hundreds of thousands of our residents.” Corzine has not been able to provide any details to back up his rhetoric.

Corzine does add a new claim in this section –“health care is unavailable”. The Senator will need to provide some evidence for this claim. Unavailable to whom? Is Corzine suggesting, sick people are turned away from health care facilities? We were under the impression that it was against the law to deny people necessary medical care.

Also note the “Cure Corridor,” a place where medical and pharmaceutical breakthroughs begin", has been doing quite well without the taxpayers paying for, er, investing in research.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Sluggo said...

This is a great illustration of the fallacy of 'the plan'. If you've got the money your staff of wonks can always slap together a paper on every issue skittering around the state. Your staff of writers can boil them down to sound bites and you can spend your time until November throwing chunks of yammer at every question you get. How prepared! How in depth. The man has a plan!

But no plan survives its first encounter with a senate committee. What counts is accomplishment and philosophy. On the first, we don't have much to choose from this year. On the second Corzine has an advantage in NJ.

He's inept,though. I can only hope he'll escape his handlers and do himself a mischief.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Mr. Snitch said...

I heard Alan Greenspan going on at some length on C-span the other day about the critical need for more investment in education in this country. This is an unusual topic for him, and he was speaking about it in terms of being able to compete in a global economy.

Were I running for NJ Governor I'd be all about making this the education and research state and push that for all it's worth. You can't differentiate on taxes since everyone says they're against them anyway. Duh. And health care never gets resolved, look at the times it's been tried. But education you can sell. Even Tony Soprano wants his daughter to get a decent education.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

Mr. Snitch, might we guess what you do for a living?

The U.S. already spends more money than any country on earth for education and New Jersey spends more per student than any other state in the nation. We spend more than enough, we just don't spend it in a manner that produces results.

New Jersey has "pushed" education so much that the state is being pushed into bankruptcy.

The education industry should be privatized and real competition needs to be brought to bare if we are ever to change a totally dysfunctional education system.

Seventy percent of all New Jersey property taxes are spent on education, 100% of our state income taxes are spent on education and then the federal government kicks some in for good measure. Then we spend even more on "higher education." The education industry is one of the biggest scams going.

In terms of being a research state - we already are and will continue to be without taxpayer handouts. Unless of course Corzine and his fellow travelers manages to destroy the pharmaceutical, chemical and other research dependent sectors of our economy.

It's not the government's role to plan our state's economy. We don’t need inept politicians picking winning and losing industries and business sectors.

Each year the Democrats make New Jersey less attractive to businesses. Now Corzine wants us to "invest" in government owned start-up businesses. The state does such a great job with its education, transportation and entertainment industries that now it's time to pour more money down the sewer on a flyer.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Oliver said...

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