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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The True Colors Of Corzine, Sanders and Dean

The Chairman of the DNC, Howard Dean supports Bernie Sanders' (VT-I) run for the U.S. Senate:

Breaking party lines, former Gov. Howard Dean said Monday he supports Rep. Bernard Sanders' bid for the U.S. Senate, saying the Independent makes a "strong candidate." "A victory for Bernie Sanders is a win for Democrats," Dean said in a telephone interview Monday.
Dean’s support of Sanders should come as no surprise. You’ll note there is little difference between Dean’s recent comments as Chairman of the DNC (see here and here) and this article, We Are the Majority, by Sanders from the February 2004 issue of The Progressive.

So how do the rightwingers get elected if they have nothing to say about the most important issues facing the American people? That is the central question of modern American politics. And the answer is that they work day and night to divide the American people against each other so that they end up voting against their own best interests. That is what the Republican Party is all about.
Bernie Sanders may have an “I” next to his name, but he considerers himself a socialist. The only socialist ever elected to congress. From CBS News.com:

Sanders, so independent that he refuses to join Democratic Socialists of America, explains that he considers himself a socialist rather than a liberal because, "I approach politics primarily through economic perspectives. My major concern right now is that we have the most unfair distribution of wealth and income of any major country on earth (and an) equally unfair distribution of political power. I want to see that change. I want to see a more egalitarian society."
Ankle Biting Pundits writes that Democrats are showing their true colors with Dean’s endorsement of Sanders. Their post today provides a link to their April 20th post with this insight:

However one thing support of Sanders by the DNC would do is bring some honesty to politics. Most Democrats serving in Congress today and running the party are basically Socialists anyway - at least now they can come out of the closet.
This brings us to the race for Governor in New Jersey and Senator Jon Corzine, the presumptive Democrat Party nominee. Corzine prefers to call himself a progressive rather than a liberal and espouses a progressive agenda. He has a voting record to match his rhetoric, one that’s as “progressive” as the self-described socialist Bernie Sanders.

The Progressive Punch – Leading with the Left, providers of “a non-partisan searchable database of Congressional voting records from a Progressive perspective”, agrees with our assessment. The Progressive Punch results for Rep. Bernie Sanders and Jon Corzine are shown below.



New Jersey, a state with political corruption scandals uncovered almost daily, billions of dollars in deficit spending and crushing tax burdens, can ill afford a Governor Jon Corzine. Whether you call Jon Corzine a democrat, a liberal, a progressive or more accurately – a socialist, Corzine would be a disaster for New Jersey.

Jon Corzine’s almost limitless wealth enabled him to buy himself a Senate seat in 2000 as described in the North Jersey Driven by Ambition article we wrote about earlier today. (See here, here and here)

He spent much of his $63 million with the sort of calculation expected of a Wall Street veteran, and still does. The money was spread over a spectrum of local Democratic leaders and liberal organizations. That prompted plenty of accusations that he was buying a base. But it also happened to work, giving Corzine ground-level political support to match his media saturation.
Our only hope of counter balancing the Corzine propaganda monopoly is for the MSM and the blogosphere to take an active role in providing serious reporting and analysis of Jon Corzine’s agenda and voting record. An occasional reference to poll results and Corzine’s inevitable election as Governor are not what the people of the Garden State need to make an informed decision come November. We believe the people of New Jersey deserve better – won’t you please help?


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