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Monday, January 30, 2006

Lautenberg, Menendez To Vote No On Alito

C-SPAN and Opinion Journal tallies both indicate Senators Lautenberg and Menendez plan to vote no on confirming Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

Update: It’s official, Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez will vote against the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito.

Although both senators spoke harshly of Alito's judicial record, they found room to praise him as a fellow New Jerseyan and as an intelligent man.

"But it is not enough to come from New Jersey - the test is- will you represent the values of New Jersey and this nation on the highest court in the land?" Menendez said.
Brother, ‘the values' of New Jersey?

Update II - More Commentary from Bench Memos:

Laughable Lautenberg:
The senior Senator from New Jersey is a fairly comic figure, trying to oppose home state Judge Alito. . . Lautenberg's reading some speech that sounds like it was written by a 23 year-old legislative assistant who hasn't read all the way through the Constitution.

Pathetic Menendez:
Not to be outdone by the senior Senator from Judge Alito's home state of New Jersey, junior Senator Bob Menendez has now taken the floor. The incongruence of his two-faced statement — attempting simultaneously to pander to his home state and to the liberal Left that controls Democrat campaign purse strings — is stunning.

Menendez says he "takes pride in the honor that's been bestowed on a fellow New Jerseyan," noting that he too is the "son of immigrants" and that Judge Alito's "story of seizing opportunity and working hard" is "a story close to my heart."

But when it comes to a Supreme Court nominee, he says: "It's not where you come from that matters, but where you will take the nation."

Menendez thinks that Supreme Court Justices are supposed to "take the nation" someplace: he, like the liberal Left opposing Judge Alito, doesn't understand that under our Constitution, courts are not supposed to "take us" anywhere.

The two-faced pandering flips back and forth so fast, it's hard to keep up with it:

Pandering to New Jersey: Judge Alito has "a keen intellect."

Pandering to the Left: But he can't replace Justice O'Connor, the deciding vote "protecting our rights and freedoms" (he got that line from Ralph Neas!).

Pandering to New Jersey: "I take pride" in the nomination of Judge Alito. "He's a decent, intelligent, accomplished man."

Pandering to the Left: But Judge Alito would "overturn a woman's right to contol her own body," "side with corporations over African Americans," "favor the concentration of unlimited power in the hands of the President," and "make it impossible for a person has been discriminated against to take his or her case to court."

But really, he's very proud of the decent, intelligent, and accomplished Judge Alito!


At 5:10 PM, Blogger nightfly said...

If the current condition of the State House is one's benchmark, then Alito certainly shall NOT represent the values of New Jersey.

Thing is, if the courts return to their job, the Senate may actually have to do something useful with itself, and certain members find that being a Senator is preferable to working as a Senator.

At 5:39 PM, Blogger njgalaxie73 said...

Pardon my French here but where does a Hudson County Machine hack politician like Robert Menendez get off preaching about the values of New Jersey. I expect this kind of garbage from Lautenberg but Menendez has a lot of nerve here.

This man seems to be way too busy being full of himself to realize that he can't just be elected to the US Senate by getting all of the hispanics from Union City and West New York to vote for his last name like he did with his Congressional seat all those years. Is that politically incorrect to say? I DON'T CARE!! It's the truth!

Senator Menendez is in for a rude awakening come November. For the sake of New Jersey I hope his torrid love affair with himself continues!

At 5:08 PM, Blogger Michael Martin said...

I fully support Sen. Lautenberg and Sen. Menendez's vote against the confirmation of Samuel Alito; Alito is simply out of touch with not only the majority of Americans, but also the vast majority of New Jerseyans. What you consider "pandering" I would consider sticking with one's caucus and staking a strong position; I truly hope that Alito isn't the lapdog for the corrupt Bush administration, which all signs seem to indicate.

At 2:17 PM, Blogger nightfly said...

Since when is "touch" a legal principal? Can he correctly apply the law? That's the only question that a judicial nominee need answer.


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