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Monday, July 11, 2005

Jon Corzine Unfit To Be Governor Of New Jersey

We've posted many times about Jon Corzine's character – everything's about Jon Corzine and everything he does is to feed his ego. The reason Corzine got into politics – he was fired as CEO of Goldman Sachs and needed to prove to the world he was a "winner". So we were hardly surprised to read this article on New York Metro.ccm.

As much as we have read and written about Jon Corzine, this New York Metro article should convince everyone that Corzine is not the man New Jersey should elect as governor. Corzine's bizarre behavior in his final days at Goldman Sachs after being fired, but needing to stay on the payroll to get the big payoff, should be enough to turn off even the most loyal Democrat.
Corzine was so humiliated that he couldn't bear to go to the office, even though he was determined to stay on for several months to see the public offering through to its conclusion. So, according to someone who knows him well, he developed an unusual routine. He'd get up every morning, put on his suit, step into his waiting limo, and ride from his house in Summit, New Jersey, to downtown Manhattan. He'd have his driver park in front of Goldman’s offices at 85 Broad Street—and he'd work from the backseat of his car. He'd have secretaries bring whatever he needed down to him.
Nor were we surprised to learn Corzine is willing to make up stories to place himself in a better light.
Contrary to the tale that has been told over and over about Torricelli and several others' cooking up the idea of a Corzine candidacy and then pursuing him, it was Corzine who pursued them.
For those who don't believe Corzine bought his senate seat in 2000, clearly Democrat insiders know better and found Corzine to be as clueless then as he is today.
His early public appearances before larger groups were so cringe-inducing that Democratic Party leaders were ready to pull the plug on his candidacy. "There were several meetings," one insider says, "where everyone pretty much agreed it wasn't going to work. He really didn't have a clue." Corzine was saved only by his money and his willingness to promiscuously spend it to get elected.
When describing Corzine's character, we had him nailed. Corzine is a self-centered and vain man willing to break his promises and use people to further his own interests.
"There's a whole group of us who believe that when Jon developed his relationship with Torricelli, he began to live some sort of lifestyle that resulted in the breakup of his marriage," says someone close to Corzine and his ex-wife.

Corzine had a two-year affair with a woman named Carla Katz. What makes this relationship of public interest is that Katz, a cagey political operator, is president of the Communications Workers of America Local 1034, a union that represents nearly half of all New Jersey state employees.
Least you think Corzine dumped his wife for a new found true love – consider this:
Two weeks ago, the union endorsed Corzine for governor. No surprise there. But in a somewhat bizarre public display given their romantic history, Katz introduced Corzine at the rally in a very personal kind of way, telling an anecdote about the first time they met.

Though their relationship has been over for a while, the fact remains that one of the most important issues the next governor will have to deal with is getting the salaries and benefits of state workers under control. "No matter who the next governor is," one insider says, "he has no hope of success if he can’t fix the state’s financial problems."
In terms of Corzine being the man to clean up corruption in New Jersey, the article cites the same chilling behavior we've been writing about for months.
This is the Corzine who behaves, at times, as if the price of his second career were some sort of Faustian pact with the Devil. This is the Corzine who was schooled in politics by the unsavory Torricelli, and despite the uniformly cheerful denials—the Corzine camp is totally on-message about this—Corzine maintains a close relationship with him. This is the Corzine who was ready to go into business with soon-to-be-convicted felon Charles Kushner when they attempted to buy the Nets. ("I was simply trying to keep the team in New Jersey," Corzine says, "and I won't apologize for that.")

And this is also the same Corzine who stood by quietly while people around then-Governor Jim McGreevey plundered the State of New Jersey—something Corzine admitted after the fact that he should have been more vocal about. This behavior alone would be enough for one to comfortably conclude that Corzine is immersed up to his folksy whiskers in the ugly swamp of New Jersey’s Sopranos-like political system. But there's more.

New Jersey remains perhaps the country's last medieval bastion of machine politics. There are, any of the experts will tell you, six local Democratic bosses, the warlords whose support is imperative for any successful political candidacy (the Republicans have their own group). Because of their extraordinary influence, money flows freely into their organizations. And no one has been a more fulsome contributor than Corzine. He has given nearly $1 million to a campaign committee run by George Norcross, the Democratic warlord in South Jersey. And, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Corzine has given approximately $10 million more to other party organizations around the state since 2000.

But perhaps the easiest way to appreciate just how much of a crafty politician Corzine, the anti-politician, has become is to look at the case involving his mother. In a story first reported by the Bergen Record, Corzine’s 89-year-old mother, a retired teacher who lives in Illinois, donated $37,000 to the Bergen County Democratic Organization, which is run by a warlord named Joseph Ferriero.
The next time you hear Jon Corzine explain why he wants to be governor of New Jersey, you'll know the real reason through his own words:
It is the classic risk-reward calculation of a bond trader. He has assessed the situation and decided to cut his losses to take a potentially more attractive market position.

"I’m 58 now," he says, “and I'm the last person on every committee I sit on. I'd have to stay in Washington until I' 80 to be a committee chairman."
On fixing New Jersey’s problems, even his closest supporters don't think Corzine can put aside his personal ambitions for the good of the state:
But there is another issue as well: Corzine's ambition. Given the depth of the state's difficulties, the winner in November could end up in a kind of Catch-22. If he is successful in making the kinds of structural changes necessary to fix some of the most serious problems, he may have to alienate so many people in the process that he ends up being an unpopular, albeit successful one-term governor.

That fact doesn't mesh very well with where Corzine wants to go. The people closest to him say he has talked openly about wanting to run for the White House.
Even Jon Corzine's children are skeptical of all his talk about helping the least amongst us. Every dime Corzine spends is to further his ambitions and to build up his own self-importance:
Corzine says that one of his children still argues that, rather than spending $70 million on a campaign, he could just give that money to charity. But for that kind of investment, a trader like Corzine needs a bigger return.
Oh, there's more, much more. Read the whole article. We'll be posting more later.

Update: See our post - Corzine, Carla Katz And An Odd House Transaction Near D.C.


At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article. What is scary about this is that Corzine's behavior mimics Richard Nixon's feelings of inadequacy and psychological deficits especially in the area of ethical behavior. A Richard Nixon on the other side of the spectrum. Very scary.

At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article. What is scary about this is that Corzine's behavior mimics Richard Nixon's feelings of inadequacy and psychological deficits in the area of self-motivation and ethical behavior, including the individuals he associates with. A Richard Nixon on the other side of the political spectrum with a remarkable track record of associating himself and maintaining relationships with extremely undesirable individuals who have their own remarkable resumes with regard to ethical issues and criminal activities (insert list here). He constantly petitions the election commission in an attempt to circumvent campaign laws while his out-of-state mother sends (for want of a better term) a "suspicious" campaign contribution when he has reached his own personal limits by law. His own child tells him that his money would be better spent on charities rather than paying off political bosses in his own party to further his own political ambitions and he has so obviously shown the superiority of his progressive values by cheating on his wife. Just as in Nixon's case, at this point, I can't even get pissed off in a personal sense against this sad wreck of a human being. When he has so little regard for squandering his own resources what can we expect he will do with the remaining resources that exist in New Jersey when he becomes governor? Corzine is going to cause one massive financial train wreck at our New Jersey way station in his attempt to gain the presidency when his fantasy meets our reality and of course we will be the ones to suffer for it. We always do.

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please-are you gonna vote for that ex-burger flipper instead? Give me a break-at least he's not a loser like that guy.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

Who is an ex-burger flipper?

At 6:52 PM, Blogger Jack said...

There is commentary on this article at Jersey Perspective (my blog). Why is Corzine's ability to be successful a bad quality for a governor? Do you think Forrester is any less of a politician. I'd appreciate your comments on my website.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger nightfly said...

What's wrong with an ex-burger flipper? At least he worked for a living. But what do I know, I voted for Schundler, who has at least been a successful mayor. If the Gimpy Old Party of NJ actually had any sort of stones they'd have thrown their weight behind him, given him some official support to help him avoid the mistakes he made running in '01.

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Karl said...

Certainly Corzine is going to be the lesser of 2 evils. Forrester hasn't a clue. He thinks balancing a state budget is that easy....he's wrong. Layoff as many state workers as he's proposed (500) and see how the public reacts when they cannot get the services they think they're "entitled" to. In another arena, I have asked Forrester twice now for his position on gay rights/marriage in the State of NJ....No response yet. There is more to NJ than the budget. Corzine has proven his support for gay rights issues. He knows NJ is more than a budget....it's people too.

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corzine is a fired CEO from A large Corporation. He had NO experience in politics before becoming Senator and thus there should be absolutely no references made to Forrester in that regard. Corzine has NO sense of fiscal responsiblity (look at his voting record). Review how much he spent to become senator or even how much he spent to in order to ensure there would be no primary this past June. As Senator of this state what did Corzine do to bring in Homeland Security Money? What did he do to save the Monmouth Military base? Is Corzine a family man? Not even close. His own children speak ill of him...not to mention of what his ex-wife thinks of him. And I am sure the half million $ debt forgiveness to his ex-girlfriend was not an attempt to buy her silence. Corzine is simply the rich kid on the block buying his way to get where he wants and what he wants. He has NO sense of morality or ethics. He has no sense of loyalty. Corzine is destined to become the John Street of NJ.

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corzine is just pure evil. Closing state parks is a horrible thing to do to people. With gas prices so high, where are we to go? Think of the children. We do pay taxes here, I think we deserve better.

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