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Friday, April 29, 2005

Corzine On Social Security

What is Jon Corzine’s plan for Social Security in 2005? We couldn’t find one, but here’s a bit on the “Clinton-Corzine Plan” as Corzine liked to call it, back in 2000.

From Social Security This Week - May 29, 2000

The May 8 issue of Social Security This Week commented on the race for the Democratic nomination for the Senate in New Jersey, which pits former Governor Jim Florio against ex-Goldman Sachs financier Jon Corzine. Both candidates claim White House backing for their Social Security plans. Corzine favors the original Clinton administration plan for the government to invest a portion of workers payroll taxes in the stock market, while Florio adopts the “second edition” administration plan, touted by Vice President Gore, in which all forms of market investment are deemed too risky.
From The New York Times - May 12, 2000
Both former Gov. Jim Florio and Jon S. Corzine tried to appeal to the elderly, who are expected to make up a large segment of the Democrats who vote in the June 6 primary. In their heated remarks about ways to extend the solvency of Social Security, the candidates even disputed whether President Clinton had turned away from his own plan to invest part of the Social Security trust fund in the stock market.

Mr. Corzine, whose staff has described the proposal as the "Clinton-Corzine Social Security Plan," said the plan would yield greater returns than investing in government bonds, and ensure the system's viability for future generations.
From Social Security This Week - May 8, 2000

Vice President Gore, in his recent battle with George W. Bush, now claims that the administration did not in fact ever propose such investment.

How did Corzine react to these statements? “We’re certainly surprised, but not nearly as much as Bill Clinton must be,” said one Corzine aide.” In fact, as the Times reveals, Mr. Clinton’s spokesman said earlier this month that the president still supported the concept.

Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.), another New Democrat, says, “In spite of the political rhetoric” by Gore, “this is the progressive approach. It would be irresponsible not to do it.”

In a May 10 column in the Albany Times Union, Matt Miller writes that “Kerrey, a longtime leader on entitlement reform, told me that if Gore moves from vague language about ‘secret plans’ and ‘risky schemes’ to poison the well for honest talk about Social Security’s long-term woes, he’ll ‘join the debate’ to hail Bush’s leadership and slam Gore’s irresponsibility.”
We guess Senator Corzine’s plan for Social Security is to “poison the well for honest talk about Social Security’s long-term woes” - Mr. Corzine’s “Second Edition Plan.”


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous aegidius said...

Why did you bother quoting all that stuff if your guess about Senator Corzine's plan was pre-determined all along?

There haven't been any Democratic proposals from serious players to privatize Social Security, the way the Republicans and Libertarians have wanted to for generations. Some Democrats have talked about plans to ADD ON private accounts, in addition to the existing system. The plan Bush and Company are pushing calls for carving private accounts out of the existing payment structure. That would require taking on trillions of dollars of new debt for restructuring, because much (but not all) of the money coming into the system now goes for payments for current retirees (and survivors and the disabled).

Here's the real deal: Social Security isn't in a "crisis." It's clearly in good shape for decades. What informed people are talking about is all based on projections, and as a matter of fact, the most recent projections show Social Security to be in better shape than the projections of five or six years ago. Which explains what Clinton, Gore and Corzine were talking about supplemental accounts in 2000.

Bush's proposals do NOTHING to secure Social Security now or to avoid a projected "fiscal crisis" in the future. Dan Bartlett admitted as much (on "background," of course) when he briefed the press just prior to Bush's 60 day Bamboozlepalooza Tour to swindle people out of the current system.

Bush's proposals will in fact necessarily lead to reductions in Social Security payments to people who retire, even those people who are retired now, to whom he keeps making promises that their benefits won't be affected. If he succeeds in ramming his Social Security phase out plan into place, those people who are dizzy enough to opt for private accounts will have even greater reductions in Social Security benefits. A real "gotcha!"

If you doubt any of this, do a little research. Check out how lousy privatization has been for those people who fell for the scheme in Chile. One of the top guys who administered the Chile program (put into place under Pinochet and the generals) is now part of the Bush administration "brain trust" pushing for privatization.

Check out Media Matters for America's archive of stories analyzing media lies and distortions about Social Security: http://mediamatters.org/archives/search.html?topic=Social%20Security

This isn't about good financial management. It's an ideological struggle. Bush and Company want to privatize as much of the government and its functions as they can, whatever the cost, because that's their ideological stance. They couldn't care less who gets hurt. They know their own future is secure.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

Does your comment have anything to do with what Corzine said in 2000 about Social Security?

Was The New York Times wrong in their reporting?

Everyone's entitled to change their opinion, we'd just like to know what fact(s) about Social Security have come to light since that time to make Corzine change his.

Was Bob Kerry out of his mind too at the time?

Repeating Dem talking points over and over doesn't make them true. The same holds true for us.

But, let's assume for arguement sake, the Repubs want to "privatize as much of the government and its functions as much as they can", why is this concept on it's face wrong or not good for Americans?

To see where we are coming from perhaps you might like to read our post "Can We At Least Agree That We Share A Common Goal?" http://enlightennj.blogspot.com/2005/04/can-we-at-least-agree-that-we-share.html

We will assume you have the best of intentions, could you give us the same courtesy?

We don't beleive life should be a zero sum game.

At 2:10 AM, Blogger 贝贝 said...

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