"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance

 and a people who mean to be their own governors

 must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Waiting For Anonymous To Respond

The other day we posted a press release from Jon Corzine under the title - Corzine Doesn’t Get It, prompting this comment from Anonymous:

The views you express are not shared with the rest the world. While I recognise that there are many ills in our world, new world Americam imperialism will not solve the worlds problems. Please recognise the variety of world cultures and the US inawarness that not everyone in the world may want to share your McDonald's culture nor your democracy. Civilisations have continued to exist witout your interference. You are destroying the world with your consumption of organic fossil fuels and complete loss of reality. Stay away with your Cola and dollars..... pleeeze !!

We responded to Anonymous with this posting in the comments section. Anonymous hasn’t responded to our questions or requests for clarification, so we decided to move this conversation to a main post. Perhaps Anonymous will see this and respond.

My views are mine. I don’t presume to speak for the rest of the world as you did in your post. However, the views concerning President Bush’s speech, about which you commented,are of one U.S. Senator – Jon Corzine and are not mine.

You speak of new world American imperialism as if this were the polciy or the intention of the United States. If that is your point, I dissagree. Can you provide some examples that lead you to this belief? Is there anything in President Bush’s address that indicates that imperialism is our intention?

I believe the United States does recognize the variety of world cultures and celebrates them. Examples of every culture can be found flurishing in our country. Walk the streets of any American city and you will hear the languages, see the dress, smell the food and see the art from vitually every country in the world.

You say that "civilisations have continued to exist witout your interference". I not sure I understand what you mean by civilisations or interfenence. But if you mean Europe, I seem to remember from history, that we helped to free that part of the world, uopn request, from fascism and communisim. I also don’t remember the U.S. setting up colonies througout the world. Perhaps you can provide some examples of U.S. interference that is unwanted. Maybe something has happened in your country that makes you feel the U.S. harmed you or your country, let me know.

I don’t believe our government wishes to impose our culture or our style of government on any country. Can you provide an example of past acts or statements by our government that has lead you to believe this is the case? I don’t know where in the world you live or if you have ever been to the U.S., but there is a bit more to our culture than McDonalds and cola. If you are reading American blogs, I think you know that. It would seem you resorted to sarcasm in place of an argument based upon examples or facts.

You say that “you are destroying the world with your consumption of organic fossil fuels and complete loss of reality.” By "you" I suppose you mean the U.S. Tell me what fuels are used in your country to power vehicles and generate electricity? I do wish our country would make greater use of nuclear power. We have a number of envirnmental groups (foreign and domestic) that have made it almost impossible for the country to build any new nuclear power plants. Perhaps we can help these groups see the light in the future. I don’t know what you mean by complete loss of reality, again no examples or facts – just an accusation.

You ask that we " stay away with our cola and dollars". Again you didn’t say where you live. Do the majority of your countrymen feel this way, or do you presume to speak for them as well? If you are sure you have the facts in regards to American dollars being unwelcome in your country, let me know and I will do all I can to keep our money from flowing into your country


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